Business / Taxes / Claim: You file an insurance claim when you send your insurance company paperwork asking the company to pay for any of the expenses your policy covers.

Other Words for Claim

Claim Noun Synonyms: demand, assertion, request, requisition, petition, application, requirement
Claim Verb Synonyms: demand, seek, ask or call (for), exact, insist (on or upon), require, command, be entitled to

Marketed Claims

Business / Finance / Marketed Claims: Claims that can be bought and sold in financial markets, such as those of stockholders and bondholders. MORE

Nonmarketed Claims

Business / Finance / Nonmarketed Claims: Claims that cannot be easily bought and sold in the financial markets, such as those of the government and litigants in lawsuits. MORE

Pended Claim

Health / Dentistry / Pended Claim: Claims that require additional information prior to completing the adjudication process due to a specific reason code. MORE

Denied Claim

Health / Dentistry / Denied Claim: Claims that are not issued a bank draft/remittance due to a specific reason code. MORE

Residual Claim

Business / Finance / Residual Claim: Related: Equity claim MORE


Business / Finance / Claimant: A decrease in the likelihood that one or more of a firm's claimants will be fully repaid, including time value of money considerations. MORE