Closely Held

Business / Taxes / Closely Held: A closely held corporation is one in which a handful of investors, often the people who founded the company, members of the founders' families, or sometimes the current management team, own a majority of the outstanding stock.

Held-To-Maturity Securities

Business / Accounting / Held-To-Maturity Securities: Debt securities purchased by an investor with the intent of holding the securities until they mature. MORE

Held Order

Business / Finance / Held Order: Used for listed equity securities. Not open for trading because specialists or regulators are not allowing trading to occur until imbalances dissipate or news is disseminated. MORE

Management-Closely Held Shares

Business / Finance / Management-Closely Held Shares: Percentage of shares held by persons closely related to a company, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Part of these percentages often are included in 'institutional holdings'--makin MORE

Not Held Order (NH Order)

Business / Finance / Not Held Order (NH Order): Applies mainly to international equities. Market or limit order in which the customer does not desire to transact automatically at the inside market (market held) but instead has given the trader or f MORE

Publicly Held

Business / Finance / Publicly Held: Describes a company whose stock is held by the public, whether individuals or business entities. MORE

Closely Held

Business / Finance / Closely Held: Mortgage against which no additional debt may be issued. MORE