Commercial Bank

Business / Taxes / Commercial Bank: Commercial banks offer a full range of retail banking products and services, such as checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and lines of credit to individuals and businesses. Most commerical banks also sell certain investments and many offer full brokerage and financial planning services.

Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLB)

Business / Real Estate / Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLB): Regulates the nations savings and loan associations, much like the Federal Reserve governs the commercial banking industry. MORE

Mortgage Banker

Business / Finance / Mortgage Banker: A company or individual that originates mortgage loans and sells them to investors, while taking care of borrowers' loan payments, records, taxes, and insurance. MORE

Nonbank Banks

Business / Taxes / Nonbank Banks: Nonbank banks, also called limited-service banks, offer some but not all of the services of a traditional commercial bank. They're typically owned by companies, including insurance companies, brokerag MORE