Composite Trading

Business / Taxes / Composite Trading: Composite trading figures report end-of-day price changes, closing prices, and the daily trading volume for stocks, warrants, and options listed on a stock exchange. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) total also includes transactions on regional exchanges and listed securities traded over-the-counter. Since trading continues on some of those exchanges after the close of business in New York, the composite figures give a comprehensive picture of the day's activities but do not include after-hours transactions.


Business / Finance / Trading: A stock that is very difficult to trade to because of illiquidity. MORE

Suspended Trading

Business / Finance / Suspended Trading: A Eurobond issued by a Japanese corporation. MORE

Subject To A Print-Execution-Trading

Business / Finance / Subject To A Print-Execution-Trading: Contingent upon trader's ability to cancel an order (on the indicated exchange). MORE