Conduit IRA

Business / Taxes / Conduit IRA: A conduit IRA is another name for a rollover IRA, which you establish with money you roll over from a 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement savings plan. Assets in a conduit IRA continue to be tax deferred until they are withdrawn and may be transferred into a new employer's plan if the plan allows transfers.

Retroviral Infection

Science / Genetics / Retroviral Infection: The presence of retroviral vectors, such as some viruses, which use their recombinant dna to insert their genetic material into the chromosomes of the host's cells. The virus is then propogated by the MORE

Rete Mirabile

Science / Marine Biology / Rete Mirabile: A countercurrent exchange structure of capillaries that allows gas uptake in a fish swim bladder MORE

Respiratory System

Science / Biology / Respiratory System: One of eleven major body organ systems in animals; moves oxygen from the external environment into the internal environment and removes carbon dioxide from the body. MORE