Business / Taxes / Conglomerate: A conglomerate is a corporation whose multiple business units operate in different, often unrelated, areas. A conglomerate is generally formed when one company expands by acquiring other firms, which it brings together under a single management umbrella. In some, but not all, cases, the formerly independent elements of the conglomerate retain their brand identities, though they are responsible to the conglomerate’s management. Some conglomerates are successful, with different parts of the whole contributing the lion’s share of the profits in different phases of the economic cycle, offsetting weaker performance by other units. Other conglomerates are never able to meld the parts into a functioning whole. In those cases, the parent company may sell or spin off various divisions into new independent companies.

Conglomerate Merger

Business / Finance / Conglomerate Merger: A firm engaged in two or more unrelated businesses. MORE

American Resort Development Association (ARDA)

Life Style / Time Shares / American Resort Development Association (ARDA): Based in Washington, D.C., this is the foremost trade association representing the timeshare ownership and property development industries. ARDA advocates on behalf of resort owners and developers and MORE


Business / Finance / Rebalancing: Realigning the proportions of assets in a portfolio as needed. MORE