Contingent Deferred Sales Load

Business / Taxes / Contingent Deferred Sales Load: A contingent deferred sales load, also called a back-end load, is a sales charge some mutual funds impose when you sell shares in the fund within a certain period of time after you buy them. These shares are typically identified as Class B shares, and the period that the load applies is often as long as seven to ten years, as determined by the fund. The charge is a percentage of the amount of the investment you're liquidating. It typically begins at a certain level — say 7% — and drops by a percentage point each year until it disappears entirely. Information about the charge and how long it's levied is provided in the fund's prospectus.

Other Words for Load

Load Noun Synonyms: pack, pile, stack, heap, fill, lade, stuff, cram, jam, squeeze
Load Verb Synonyms: weight, burden, onus, pressure, encumbrance, millstone, cross, albatross, responsibility, care, anxiety, worry, trouble


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Overload Principle

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Outside Salesperson

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