Core Earnings

Business / Taxes / Core Earnings: Standard & Poor's (S&P) developed the core earnings measure to give investors a more uniform way to compare earnings numbers. Otherwise, it may be difficult to compare numbers since companies often use different formulas to calculate their earnings. Core earnings differs in several ways from more traditional measures of earnings. Most notably, they treat company stock options as an expense and exclude any income that comes from the company's pension fund investments.

Other Words for Core

Core Noun Synonyms: essence, marrow, heart, pith, gist, quintessence, sum and substance
Core Adjective Synonyms: centre, heart, middle, nucleus, inside(s)

Other Words for Earnings

Earnings Noun Synonyms: wages, salary, income, compensation, pay, stipend, emolument, proceeds, return, revenue, yield, takings, take

Lower Earnings Limit

Business / Debt / Lower Earnings Limit: The level of income at which employees start to pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions. MORE

Low Price-Earnings Ratio Effect

Business / Finance / Low Price-Earnings Ratio Effect: The tendency of portfolios of stocks with a low price-earnings ratio to outperform portfolios of stocks with high price-earnings ratios. MORE

Logarithm of the Odd (LOD) Score

Science / Genetics / Logarithm of the Odd (LOD) Score: A measure of the likelihood of two loci being within a measurable distance of each other. MORE