Business / Taxes / Correction: A correction is a drop — usually a sudden and substantial one of 10% or more — in the price of an individual stock, bond, commodity, index, or the market as a whole. Market analysts anticipate market corrections when security prices are high in relation to company earnings and other indicators of economic health. When a market correction is greater than 10% and the prices do not begin to recover relatively promptly, some analysts point to the correction as the beginning of a bear market.

Other Words for Correction

Correction Noun Synonyms: punishment, castigation, chastisement
Correction Adjective Synonyms: improvement, emendation, rectification, redress, remedy, reparation, amendment, corrigendum

Amplitude Correction

Science / Spiders / Amplitude Correction: correction of the 3D Fourier amplitudes of the EM density map after angular refinement. This correction can be based on an analytical formula, namely by application of a temperature factor with negati MORE

Correction Lines

Business / Real Estate / Correction Lines: Provisions in the rectangular survey (government survey) system made to compensate for the curvature of the earths surface. Every fourth township line (at 24-mile intervals) is used as a correction li MORE

Correction Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Correction Filter: Filter which alters the color rendition of a scene to suit the color response of the eye. MORE