Business / Taxes / Crash: A crash is a sudden, steep drop in stock prices. The downward spiral is intensified as more and more investors, seeing the bottom falling out of the market, try to sell their holdings before these investments lose all their value. The two great US crashes of the 20th century, in 1929 and 1987, had very different consequences. The first was followed by a period of economic stagnation and severe depression. The second had a much briefer impact. While some investors suffered huge losses in 1987, recovery was well underway within three months. In the aftermath of each of these crashes, the federal government instituted a number of changes designed to reduce the impact of future crashes.

Other Words for Crash

Crash Verb Synonyms: force, drive, run, smash
Crash Noun Synonyms: fall, topple

Crash Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Bar: Many motorcycles have a Crash Bar or guard to protect the bike should it fall over. You'll have to look carefully on some bikes to see them and not all bikes are so equipped. Some models hide the prot MORE

Crash Padding

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Padding: A motorcyclist’s protective clothing, especially abrasion-resistant and impact absorbing riding gear and helmet. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Armor: Protective padding used to reinforce motorcycle apparel. It is designed to absorb energy on impact to help protect the rider in the event of a crash. Armor is available to better protect a rider’s MORE