Business / Taxes / Dealer: Dealers, or principals, buy and sell securities for their own accounts, adding liquidity to the marketplace and seeking to profit from the spread between the prices at which they buy and sell. In the over-the-counter market, in most cases, it is dealers — also called market makers — who provide the bid and ask quotes you see when you look up the price of a security. Those dealers are willing to commit their capital to specific securities and are ready to trade the securities at the quoted prices.

Other Words for Dealer

Dealer Noun Synonyms: trader, businessman, businesswoman, merchant, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, vendor, merchandiser, wholesaler, jobber, distributor, stockist, supplier, broker, agent, salesman, storekeeper

Dealer Market

Business / Finance / Dealer Market: Overnight, collateralized loan from a money market bank made to a dealer financing his position by borrowing. MORE

Real Property Securities Dealer

Business / Real Estate / Real Property Securities Dealer: A real property securities dealer is a broker who sells an existing trust deed and guarantees a return on it. MORE

Dealer Trust

Business / Agriculture / Dealer Trust: The Packers and Stockyards Act includes provisions aimed at protecting the financial interests of livestock and poultry producers. Under the act, the inventories and accounts receivable of a packer or MORE