Decreasing Term Insurance

Business / Taxes / Decreasing Term Insurance: With a decreasing term life insurance policy, the amount of the death benefit decreases each year of the fixed term — such as 20 years — although the premium remains the same. This type of insurance tends to be an economical way to protect your beneficiaries should you die unexpectedly during a period when you have substantial financial responsibilities. For example, young parents with a large mortgage might consider decreasing term policies to help insulate each other against the responsibility of meeting their financial obligations should something happen to one of them.

Other Words for Insurance

Insurance Verb Synonyms: assurance, surety, indemnity, indemnification, guarantee or guaranty, warranty, bond, security, protection, cover

Other Words for Term

Term Noun Synonyms: name, title, designation, appellation, word, expression, locution, phrase
Term Adjective Synonyms: sitting, stint, session, course, incumbency, administration


Business / Finance / Reinsurance: The spreading of risk and division of client premiums among insurance companies allowing the sharing of the burden of a large risk. MORE

Range Betterment Fund

Business / Agriculture / Range Betterment Fund: Money collected from livestock grazing on federal lands and used for rangeland improvements. The Bureau of Land Management calls these funds Range Improvement Funds and uses them solely for labor, mat MORE

Quick Release (Terminal)

Technology / Home Audio / Quick Release (Terminal): A means for securing a wire conductor to a terminal connector that permits easy attachment and removal. In the usual form, this will involve a spring-loaded clip, which needs only to be pressed to eit MORE