Dow Theory

Business / Taxes / Dow Theory: Dow theory maintains that major market trends depend on how the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Dow Jones Transportation Average behave. They must move simultaneously in the same direction until they both hit a new high or a new low in order for a trend to continue. Some experts discount the relevance of this approach as a useful guideline, arguing that waiting to invest until a trend is confirmed can mean losing out on potential growth.

Point-After-Touchdown (PAT)

Entertainment / Football / Point-After-Touchdown (PAT): A place kick taken from the opponent’s 2-yard line (3-yard line in college); awarded to a team that has scored a touchdown, it is worth 1 point if it goes through the goalpost. MORE

Playing The Ball Down

Entertainment / Golf / Playing The Ball Down: (also 'playing it down') playing the ball as it lies, as opposed to improving the lie MORE

Pose Down

Health / Fitness / Pose Down: Bodybuilders performing their poses at the same time in a competition, trying to out pose one another. MORE