Earnings Surprise

Business / Taxes / Earnings Surprise: When a company's earnings report either exceeds or fails to meet analysts' estimates, it's called an earnings surprise. An upside surprise occurs when a company reports higher earnings than analysts predicted and usually triggers an increase in the stock price. A negative surprise, on the other hand, occurs when a company fails to meet expectations and often causes the stock's price to fall. Companies try hard to avoid negative surprises since even a small deviation can create a big stir.

Other Words for Earnings

Earnings Noun Synonyms: wages, salary, income, compensation, pay, stipend, emolument, proceeds, return, revenue, yield, takings, take

Other Words for Surprise

Surprise Noun Synonyms: shock, astonishment, amazement, stupefaction, wonder, incredulity
Surprise Adjective Synonyms: shock, astound, astonish, amaze, disconcert, nonplus, dumbfound or dumfound, stagger, take aback, strike, hit, floor, bowl over, flabbergast, rock or set (someone) back on his or her or their heels, knock (someone) for six, kno
Surprise Adverb Synonyms: take or catch unawares, catch red-handed or in the act or in flagrante delicto, catch napping or off guard, discover

Earnings Yield

Business / Finance / Earnings Yield: Positive or negative differences from the consensus forecast of earnings by institutions such as First Call or IBES Negative earnings surprises generally have a greater adverse effect on stock prices MORE

Normalized Earnings

Business / Finance / Normalized Earnings: Earnings that have been adjusted in order to take into account the effect of cycles in the economy. MORE

Pre-Disability Earnings

Health / Dentistry / Pre-Disability Earnings: This is the amount of an employee's wages or salary that was in effect and covered by the plan on the day before the disability began. MORE