Business / Taxes / Eurobond: A eurobond is an international bond sold outside of the country in whose currency it is denominated, or issued. For example, an Italian automobile company might sell eurobonds issued in US dollars to investors living in European countries. Multinational companies and national governments, including governments of developing countries, use eurobonds to raise capital in international markets.

Convertible Eurobond

Business / Finance / Convertible Eurobond: General debt obligation of a corporation that can be exchanged for a set number of common shares of the issuing corporation at a prestated conversion price. MORE

Suspended Trading

Business / Finance / Suspended Trading: A Eurobond issued by a Japanese corporation. MORE

Dollar Drain

Business / Finance / Dollar Drain: Municipal revenue bonds for which quotes are given in dollar prices. Not to be confused with 'U.S. Dollar' bonds, a common term of reference in the Eurobond market. MORE