Excess Contribution

Business / Taxes / Excess Contribution: An excess contribution occurs when the salary deferrals or matching contributions of highly compensated employees are higher than the amounts permitted by federal law. If that happens, the company must pay out those amounts to the employees involved before the end of the following tax year or face penalties. Excess contributions are different from excess deferrals, also called after-tax contributions, which employees may legally make to their employer sponsored retirement plans.

Other Words for Excess

Excess Noun Synonyms: surplus, over-abundance, overflow, superabundance, nimiety, superfluity, surfeit, plethora, glut, redundancy, over-sufficiency, supererogation, leftovers, overkill

Expected Family Contribution

Life Style / College / Expected Family Contribution: The amount of money a student and his or her family can contribute toward college costs. The student's FAFSA and/or the colleges' financial aid form determine this. MORE

Excess Returns

Business / Finance / Excess Returns: Difference between the return on the market portfolio and the riskless rate. MORE

Excess Return On The Market Portfolio

Business / Finance / Excess Return On The Market Portfolio: Actual reserves that exceed required reserves. MORE