Business / Taxes / Exclusion: Medical services that insurance companies do not pay for are called exclusions. A typical exclusion is a wartime injury or a self-inflicted wound. But coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, or health problems you had before you were covered by the policy, may also be excluded on some policies.

Other Words for Exclusion

Exclusion Verb Synonyms: lockout, shut-out, ban, bar, prohibition, interdiction, forbiddance, denial, refusal, disallowance, proscription
Exclusion Noun Synonyms: ejection, eviction, expulsion, ouster, removal, riddance

Competitive Exclusion

Science / Biology / Competitive Exclusion: Competition between species that is so intense that one species completely eliminates the second species from the area. MORE

Annual Exclusion

Business / Finance / Annual Exclusion: A tax rule allowing the deduction of certain income from taxation. MORE

Adoption Tax Exclusions

Life Style / Adoption / Adoption Tax Exclusions: IRS provisions in the federal tax code which allow adoptive parents to exclude cash or other adoption benefits for qualifying adoption expenses received from a private-sector employer when computing t MORE