Federal Reserve Fedwire

Business / Taxes / Federal Reserve Fedwire: Fedwire is an electronic transfer system owned and operated by the 12 Federal Reserve Banks that enables participants to move money from an account they maintain with the Federal Reserve to the account of another participant in real time during operating hours. The payments are final and irrevocable, either when the amount is credited to the recipient’s account or when the payment order is sent to the participant, whichever occurs first. Fedwire, which operates on the Federal Reserve’s national communications network (FEDNET), connects the Federal Reserve Banks, their branches, the US Department of the Treasury, banks that are members of the Federal Reserve and those that aren’t, and branches or agencies of banks based abroad. The system is used both to handle internal banking business, such as shifting balances to reflect money transferred by check, and to facilitate commercial transactions between bank clients.

Other Words for Reserve

Reserve Verb Synonyms: reticence, (self-)restraint, (self-)control, taciturnity, aplomb, formality, coolness, aloofness, guardedness, standoffishness, remoteness, detachment
Reserve Noun Synonyms: keep or hold (back), withhold, save, set or put aside, conserve, preserve, retain, keep (to or for oneself), hold over, postpone, delay, put off, defer

Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Business / Real Estate / Federal Water Pollution Control Act: Enacted by Congress in 1972, this federal law administered by the EPA regulates the release of pollutants into navigable waters. MORE

Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program

Business / Agriculture / Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program: Sometimes referred to in budget documents as Payments to States and Territories, the program provides matching funds to states for research and innovative projects aimed at identifying new market oppo MORE

Federal Trade Commission Act

Health / Health Insurance / Federal Trade Commission Act: A federal act which established the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and gave the FTC power to work with the Department of Justice to enforce the Clayton Act. The primary function of the FTC is to regul MORE