Fundamental Analysis

Business / Taxes / Fundamental Analysis: Fundamental analysis is one of two primary methods for analyzing a stock's potential return. It involves assessing a corporation's financial history and current standing, including earnings, sales, and management. It also involves gauging the strength of the corporation's products or services in the marketplace. A fundamental analyst uses these details as well as the current state of the economy to assess whether the stock is likely to increase or decrease in value in the short- and long-term. He or she also decides whether its current price is an accurate reflection of its value.

Other Words for Analysis

Analysis Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, enquiry or inquiry, dissection, assay, breakdown, division

Other Words for Fundamental

Fundamental Noun Synonyms: basic, rudimentary, elementary, primary, main, prime, first, principal, underlying, cardinal, central, essential, quintessential, constitutional, inherent, intrinsic, important, crucial, critical, organic, vital
Fundamental Verb Synonyms: principle, law, rule, axiom, essential, element, sine qua non, cornerstone, keystone

Performance Attribution Analysis

Business / Finance / Performance Attribution Analysis: The decomposition of a money manager's performance results to explain the reasons why those results were achieved. This analysis seeks to answer questions such as: (1) What were the major sources of a MORE

Pedigree Analysis

Science / Biology / Pedigree Analysis: A type of genetic analysis in which a trait is traced through several generations of a family to determine how the trait is inherited. The information is displayed in a pedigree chart using standard s MORE

Northern Analysis

Science / Genetics / Northern Analysis: A technique for transferring electrophoretically resolved rna segments from an agarose gel to a nitrocellulose filter paper sheet via capillary action. MORE