Go Short

Business / Taxes / Go Short: When you enter a futures contract that commits you to sell or deliver the underlying product, you go short or have a short position. You're also going short when you write an options contract, giving the buyer the right to exercise the contract. With stocks, you go short when you borrow shares of stock through your broker and sell them at their current market price. In contrast, you go long when you enter a futures contract to buy, when you purchase an options contract, or buy a stock either to hold in your portfolio or sell at some point in the future.

Other Words for Go

Go Verb Synonyms: move (ahead or forward or onwards), proceed, advance, pass, make headway, travel, voyage, set off, tour, trek, wend, stir, budge

Other Words for Short

Short Noun Synonyms: small, little, slight, petite, diminutive, wee, tiny, elfin, minuscule, midget, dwarfish, squat, dumpy, runty, stubby, stunted, pint-sized, knee-high to a grasshopper, sawn-off
Short Verb Synonyms: laconic, terse, succinct, pithy, sententious, epigrammatic
Short Adjective Synonyms: direct, straight, straightforward, short and sweet

Go Long

Entertainment / Bowling / Go Long: A balls goes long when it skids farther down the lane before starting its hook. Desirable on hooking lanes. You can get a ball to go longer by altering the surface to reduce the friction (polish the b MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Negoska: Red wine grape common to Macedonia, N.E. and Central Greece. Usually used as a wine that is blended with Xynomavro grape-wine. MORE

Négociant-Éleveur (France)

Life Style / Wine / Négociant-Éleveur (France): A négociant equipped to perform all the tasks involved in taking an unfinished wine through to the bottling process, including ageing in barrel if desired. MORE