Identity Theft

Business / Taxes / Identity Theft: Identity theft is the unauthorized use of your personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, or credit account information. People usually steal your identity to make purchases or obtain credit, though they may also use the data to apply for a driver’s license or other form of official identification.

Other Words for Identity

Identity Verb Synonyms: sameness, oneness, unanimity, indistinguishability, agreement, accord, congruence

Other Words for Theft

Theft Noun Synonyms: robbery, stealing, pilferage, pilfering, filching, shoplifting, thievery, purloining, embezzlement, hijacking, larceny, lifting, appropriation, pocketing, pinching, swiping, snitching, nicking, boosting, heist, knocking off, r

Standards Of Identity For Food

Business / Agriculture / Standards Of Identity For Food: Mandatory, federally-set requirements that determine what a food product must contain in order to be marketed under a certain name in interstate commerce. Mandatory standards (which differ from volunt MORE

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

Technology / Cell Phones / Subscriber Identity Module (SIM): A card inserted into a GSM-TDMA or GSM-only handset containing subscriber-related data. The card contains 18 digits for GSM markets and 20 digits for TDMA markets. MORE

Balance Sheet Identity

Business / Finance / Balance Sheet Identity: Total assets = Total liabilities + Total stockholders' equity MORE