Income In Respect Of A Decedent

Business / Taxes / Income In Respect Of A Decedent: Any income your beneficiary receives after your death that would have gone to you if you were still alive is described as income in respect of a decedent. One example is the income your beneficiary gets as a minimum required distribution from your 401(k) or IRA. In this case, your beneficiary pays tax on that income at his or her ordinary rate, as you would have.

Other Words for Income

Income Adjective Synonyms: return, revenue(s), receipts, proceeds, profit(s), gain(s), takings

Other Words for Respect

Respect Verb Synonyms: regard, consideration, admiration, esteem, (high) opinion, appreciation
Respect Adjective Synonyms: reference, relation, connection, comparison, regard, bearing
Respect Noun Synonyms: regard, consideration, courtesy, politeness, civility, attentiveness, thoughtfulness, etiquette, deference, reverence, veneration

Participating Dividend

Business / Finance / Participating Dividend: Dividend received from ownership of participating preferred stock. MORE

Participating Fees

Business / Finance / Participating Fees: The portion of total fees in a syndicated credit that go to the participating banks. MORE

Participating Convertible Preferred Stock

Business / Finance / Participating Convertible Preferred Stock: Preferred stock that can be converted into common stock at the option of the holder. In contrast, to the usual preferred stock, the value of the preferred stock is refunded to the holder. That is, one MORE