Indemnity Insurance

Business / Taxes / Indemnity Insurance: An indemnity insurance policy pays up to a fixed amount when you make a claim, often on a per day basis. The premiums on health insurance indemnity plans may be lower than on other heathcare plans, but the fixed payments may cover only a portion of your medical bills. Some people use indemnity plans as supplements to, rather than substitutes for, more comprehensive health insurance. Others use low-cost indemity plans for short-term coverage.

Other Words for Indemnity

Indemnity Noun Synonyms: insurance, protection, security, safety, guarantee, assurance, underwriting, warrant, endorsement, certification, exemption, impunity, privilege
Indemnity Adjective Synonyms: compensation, repayment, reimbursement, remuneration, recompense, consideration, restitution, reparation(s), redress, indemnification, return, quid pro quo, restoration, award, reward, payment, disbursement, amends, requital, atonement, reckoning

Other Words for Insurance

Insurance Verb Synonyms: assurance, surety, indemnity, indemnification, guarantee or guaranty, warranty, bond, security, protection, cover

Mortgagees Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Mortgagees Title Insurance: An insurance policy protecting the lender for the amount of the loan in the event of a future title dispute. MORE

Multiple Peril Insurance

Business / Finance / Multiple Peril Insurance: Insurance policy that covers a wide variety of property damage. MORE

Mortgage Life Insurance

Business / Finance / Mortgage Life Insurance: A life insurance policy that pays off the remaining balance of the insured person's mortgage at death. MORE