Business / Taxes / Instinet: Instinet is the world's largest agency brokerage firm. As an agency firm, it doesn't trade stock for its own account as traditional brokerage houses do. That way, it doesn't bid against the mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and other institutional investors who are its primary clients. Using Instinet's sophisticated electronic network, these investors can trade directly and anonymously with each other in more than 40 global markets. Or, using Instinet brokers, the investors can place orders on all US exchanges and many overseas exchanges, including those that aren't automated.

Instinet (Institutional Networks Corporation)

Business / Finance / Instinet (Institutional Networks Corporation): The sale of an asset in exchange for a specified series of payments (the installments). MORE

Ticker Symbol

Business / Taxes / Ticker Symbol: A ticker symbol, also known as a stock symbol, is a unique string of letters that identifies a particular stock on one of two electronic tapes that report market transactions. The consolidated tape in MORE

Institutional Broker

Business / Finance / Institutional Broker: Computerized subscriber service that serves as a vehicle for the fourth market. 'Instinet' is registered with the SEC As a stock exchange it numbers among its subscribers a large number of mutual fund MORE