Institutional Investor

Business / Taxes / Institutional Investor: Institutional investors buy and sell securities in large volume, typically 10,000 or more shares of stock, or bonds worth $200,000 or more, in a single transaction. In most cases, the investors are organizations with large portfolios, such as mutual funds, banks, university endowment funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and labor unions. Institutional investors may trade their own assets or assets that they are managing for other people.

Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES)

Business / Finance / Institutional Brokers Estimate System (IBES): A broker who buys and sells securities for institutional investors such as banks, and mutual funds, pensions. MORE

Institutional Broker

Business / Finance / Institutional Broker: Computerized subscriber service that serves as a vehicle for the fourth market. 'Instinet' is registered with the SEC As a stock exchange it numbers among its subscribers a large number of mutual fund MORE

Institutional Lender

Business / Loan / Institutional Lender: A lender which makes a substantial number of real estate loans, such as banks, savings and loan associations, and insurance companies. MORE