Investment Club

Business / Taxes / Investment Club: If you're part of an investment club, you and the other members jointly choose the investments the club makes and decide on the amount each of you will contribute to the club's account. Among the reasons that clubs are popular is that they allow investors to commit only modest amounts, share in a diversified portfolio, and benefit from each other's research. Clubs may also pay lower commissions, as a result of arrangements they make with a brokerage firm or through the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC). NAIC provides information on how to start an investment club and provides support services to existing clubs.

Other Words for Club

Club Verb Synonyms: cudgel, bat, bludgeon, mace, billy, truncheon, baton, staff, stick, cosh, blackjack
Club Noun Synonyms: association, society, organization, fraternity, sorority, fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, federation, union, guild, lodge, alliance, league, order, consortium, company

Moodys Investment Grade

Business / Finance / Moodys Investment Grade: A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investor Service to municipal short-term bonds. MORE

More Club

Entertainment / Golf / More Club: (also 'club up') using a longer, less lofted club MORE

Monthly Investment Plan

Business / Finance / Monthly Investment Plan: A plan in which a certain amount is invested each month in order to benefit from dollar cost averaging. MORE