Living Will

Business / Taxes / Living Will: A living will is a legal document that describes the type of medical treatment you want—or don’t want—if you are terminally ill or unable to communicate your wishes. Like wills that provide instructions about your assets, living wills must be signed and have two or more witnesses to be valid. You can use a healthcare proxy or durable power of attorney for healthcare to authorize someone to act as your agent to ensure your wishes are followed. Because there are still unresolved questions about the extent of your agent’s authority, it may be wise to get legal advice in preparing the documents.

Other Words for Will

Will Noun Synonyms: choice, wishes, desire, inclination
Will Adjective Synonyms: desire, wish, longing, liking, inclination, disposition, drive, purposefulness, purpose, intent, intention, resolve, commitment, resolution, determination, will-power

Tenancy At Will

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy At Will: A tenancy (or estate) in which a person holds or occupies real estate with the permission of the owner, for a term of unspecified or uncertain duration: i.e., there is no fixed term to the tenancy. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Termination-At-Will: A rule allowing an employee or employer to terminate the employment relationship at any time for any or no reason at all. MORE

The art of Living

Health / Tai Chi / The art of Living: Dr. Ho'o's definition of Tai Chi Chuan MORE