Outstanding Shares

Business / Taxes / Outstanding Shares: The shares of stock that a corporation has issued and not reacquired are described as its outstanding shares. Some but not all of these shares are available for trading in the marketplace. A corporation's market capitalization is figured by multiplying its outstanding shares by the market price of one share. The number of outstanding shares is often used to derive much of the financial information that's provided on a per-share basis, such as earnings per share or sales per share. However, some analysts prefer to use floating shares rather than outstanding shares in calculating market cap and various ratios. Floating shares are the outstanding shares that are available for trading as opposed to those held by founding partners, in pension funds, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), and similar programs.

Other Words for Outstanding

Outstanding Verb Synonyms: prominent, eminent, renowned, famous, famed, unforgettable, memorable, celebrated, distinguished, special, choice, noteworthy, notable, noted, important, conspicuous, exceptional, excellent, superior, first-class, first-rate, superb, remarkable, extraordi
Outstanding Adjective Synonyms: unsettled, on-going, unresolved, unpaid, due, owed or owing, receivable or payable, remaining, leftover

Floating Shares

Business / Taxes / Floating Shares: Floating shares are shares of a public corporation that are available for trading in a stock market. The number of floating shares may be smaller than the company’s outstanding shares if founding pa MORE

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Business / Accounting / Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): How long on average it takes a company to collect the money owed to it. MORE

Days Sales Outstanding

Business / Finance / Days Sales Outstanding: The average number of days' worth of sales that is held in inventory. MORE