Business / Taxes / Overweighted: When you own more of a security, an asset class, or a subclass than your target asset allocation calls for, you are said to be overweighted in that security, asset class, or subclass. For example, if you have decided to invest 60% of your portfolio in stock and other equity investments, but your equity holdings account for 80% of your portfolio, you are overweighted in equity. In another use of the term, a securities analyst might recommend overweighting a particular security, which you might reasonably interpret as advice to buy.

Fixed-Income Investment

Business / Taxes / Fixed-Income Investment: Fixed-income investments typically pay interest or dividends on a regular schedule and may promise to return your principal at maturity, though that promise is not guaranteed in most cases. Among the MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Rotation: The spin given to the ball that creates both the break and action. MORE