Pre-Existing Condition

Business / Taxes / Pre-Existing Condition: A pre-existing condition is a health problem that you already have when you apply for insurance. If you have a pre-existing condition, an insurer can refuse to cover treatment connected to that problem for a period of time. That period is often the first six months, but may be for the entire term of your policy. Insurers can also deny you coverage entirely because of a pre-existing condition. And they can end a policy if they discover a pre-existing condition that you did not report, provided you knew it existed when you applied for your policy. However, if you’re insured through your employer’s plan and switch to a job that also provides health insurance, the new plan must cover you regardless of a pre-existing condition.

Other Words for Condition

Condition Noun Synonyms: stipulation, proviso, demand, requirement, term, qualification, contingency, requisite, prerequisite
Condition Verb Synonyms: train, educate, teach, brainwash, influence, mould, persuade
Condition Adjective Synonyms: state, circumstance(s), shape

Pre-Existing Condition Limitations

Health / Dentistry / Pre-Existing Condition Limitations: When an employee has a physical or mental condition that existed prior to the effective date of his or her insurance coverage, it is considered a pre-existing condition. Most plans exclude or decrease MORE

Overspeed Condition

Technology / Aviation / Overspeed Condition: A condition of the propeller operating system in which the propeller is operating above the RPM for which the governor control is set. This causes the propeller blades to be in a lower angle than that MORE

Pavolovian Conditioning

Science / Psychiatry / Pavolovian Conditioning: Elicitation of a response by a stimulus that normally does not elicit that response. The response is one that is mediated primarily by the autonomic nervous system (such as salivation or a change in h MORE