Quadruple Witching Day

Business / Taxes / Quadruple Witching Day: Once every quarter — on the third Friday of March, June, September, and December — stock options, stock index options, stock index futures contracts, and single stock futures expire on the same day in the United States. In the past, when all contracts expired at the same hour of the day, trading could be extremely volatile as professional investors attempted to capitalize on pricing differences. But in recent years, various adjustments in the trading schedule have helped to reduce the pace.

Other Words for Day

Day Noun Synonyms: time, hour, age, period, era, epoch, date, prime, heyday, lifetime
Day Verb Synonyms: daytime, daylight, broad daylight, light of day

On Any Sunday

Technology / Motorcycle / On Any Sunday: Famous motorcycle movie featuring Malcolm Smith that popularized motorcycling. MORE

Palm Sunday

Life Style / Holiday / Palm Sunday: 'The sixth Sunday of Lent, one week before Easter Sunday. The Last Sunday of Lent, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, surrounded by cheering crowds. Celebrated in different ways around the w MORE

Partial Day Treatment

Health / Dentistry / Partial Day Treatment: A program offered by appropriately-licensed facilities that includes either a day or evening treatment program, usually for mental health or substance abuse. MORE