Business / Taxes / Quarter: The financial world splits up its calendar into four quarters, each three months long. If January to March is the first quarter, April to June is the second quarter, and so on, though a company's first quarter does not have to begin in January. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires all publicly held US companies to publish a quarterly report, officially known as Form 10-Q, describing their financial results for the quarter. These reports and the predictions that market analysts make about them often have an impact on a company's stock price. For example, if analysts predict that a certain company will have earnings of 55 cents a share in a quarter, and the results beat those expectations, the price of the company's stock may increase. But if the earnings are less than expected, even by a penny or two, the stock price may drop, at least for a time. However, this pattern doesn't always hold true, and other forces may influence investor sentiment about the stock.

Other Words for Quarter

Quarter Noun Synonyms: fourth
Quarter Verb Synonyms: area, region, part, section, district, zone, division, territory, place, neighborhood, locality, locale, location, point, spot, direction

Quarterly Dividend Rate

Business / Finance / Quarterly Dividend Rate: Amount of last quarterly dividend declared in each calendar year. MORE

Average Quarter-Hour Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Average Quarter-Hour Audience: Estimated number of people who watch a program or station for a minimum of five minutes within a specific quarter hour. MORE

Dual Threat Quarterback

Entertainment / Football / Dual Threat Quarterback: A quarterback who is skilled at both passing and rushing the ball. These quarterbacks may be difficult to defend against since the defensive team cannot focus on one threat to the exclusion of the oth MORE