Registered Representative

Business / Taxes / Registered Representative: Registered representatives are licensed to act on investors' orders to buy and sell and to provide advice relevant to portfolio transactions. They may be paid a salary, a commission, usually a percentage of the market price of the investments their clients buy and sell, or by annual fee figured as a percentage of the value of a client's account. Registered reps work for a broker-dealer that belongs to the exchange or operates in the market where the trades are handled. The reps must pass a series of exams administered by NASD to qualify for their licenses and are subject to NASD oversight.

Other Words for Representative

Representative Noun Synonyms: symbolic, typical, characteristic, emblematic, archetypal, evocative, illustrative
Representative Adjective Synonyms: agent, (travelling) salesman or saleswoman, rep

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Business / Finance / Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): Tax-sheltered retirement plan for Canadian citizens, much like an American IRA. MORE

Gross Registered Tonnage (Grt)

Life Style / Travel / Gross Registered Tonnage (Grt): A measurement of the enclosed space in a ship. Cruise ships in the 70,000 ton range are considered ' superliners '. MORE

Registered Options Trader

Business / Finance / Registered Options Trader: An American Stock Exchange specialist who monitors a certain group of options to help maintain a fair and orderly market. MORE