Regulation Z

Business / Taxes / Regulation Z: Under Regulation Z, a Federal Reserve Board rule covering provisions of the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968, lenders have to tell you certain terms of the credit they're offering, in writing, before you borrow. Also known as the Truth in Lending Act, the regulation stipulates that lenders must disclose the true cost of loans. For example, they must make the interest rate, annual percentage rate (APR), and other terms of the loan simple to understand. Regulation Z establishes uniform methods for calculating the cost of credit, disclosing credit terms, and resolving errors on certain types of credit accounts.

Other Words for Regulation

Regulation Noun Synonyms: adjustment, modification, modulation, control, balance, balancing, setting, fixing, organization, maintenance
Regulation Verb Synonyms: rule, ruling, law, code, by-law or bye-law, edict, order, ordinance, statute, decree, directive, dictate

Regulation Z

Business / Real Estate / Regulation Z: Implements the Truth-in-Lending Act requiring credit institutions to inform borrowers of the true cost of obtaining credit. MORE

Regulation U

Business / Finance / Regulation U: Federal Reserve Board limit on how much credit a bank can allow a customer for the purchase and carrying of margin securities. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Rehalogenization: Process by which black metallic silver is converted back to silver halides. It is used in bleaching for toners and intensification. MORE