Round Lot

Business / Taxes / Round Lot: A round lot is the normal trading unit for stocks and bonds on an organized securities exchange or market, also called a trading platform. For example, shares traded in multiples of 100 are typically considered round lots, as are bonds with par values of $1,000 and $5,000.

Other Words for Lot

Lot Adjective Synonyms: collection, batch, consignment, assortment, group, portion, set, quantity, grouping, apportionment
Lot Noun Synonyms: lottery, drawing, raffle, drawing lots or straws

Other Words for Round

Round Noun Synonyms: heat, stage, level, turn
Round Adverb Synonyms: circular, disc-shaped, discoid, disc-like
Round Preposition Synonyms: around, about, in a circle or ring, on all sides
Round Adjective Synonyms: curved, curvilinear, rounded, arched
Round Verb Synonyms: about, around, encircling, enclosing, orbiting

Odd Lot

Business / Finance / Odd Lot: A trading order for less than 100 shares of stock. Compare round lot. MORE

Odd-Lot Dealer

Business / Finance / Odd-Lot Dealer: A broker who combines odd lots of securities from multiple buy or sell orders into round lots and executes transactions in those round lots. MORE

Rondel, Roundel

Life Style / Poetry / Rondel, Roundel: Poetic forms of 11-14 lines where the first two lines are repeated in the middle and at the end, and that have only two rhymes. Algernon charles swinburne's 'the roundel' consists of eleven lines, two MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Round: A complete circuit of (usually) 18 holes MORE

Round Character

Entertainment / Literature / Round Character: A round character is depicted with such psychological depth and detail that he or she seems like a 'real' person. The round character contrasts with the flat character, a character who serves a specif MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Roublot: Variety having several synonym names including Cesar Blanc and Plant de Vaux. Is now reported (2001) to be the possible result of a Pinot cepage x Gouais Blanc cross. No other details as yet. MORE