Russell 1000 Index

Business / Taxes / Russell 1000 Index: This capitalization-weighted index, published by the Frank Russell Company of Tacoma, Washington, tracks the 1000 largest stocks that are included in the RussellĀ® 3000 Index and represents approximately 92% of the market value of US stock. The index is rebalanced annually, at the end of June, and is widely used as a benchmark of large-cap US stock performance.

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Index Noun Synonyms: guide, directory, list, listing, table of contents, catalogue, key, thesaurus
Index Adjective Synonyms: mark, sign, clue, token, hint, pointer, indicator, indication, guide

Price Index

Business / Agriculture / Price Index: Current price expressed as a proportion to the same price in an earlier time period, commonly called the base period. Monthly price indexes computed by the National Agricultural Statistics Service are MORE

Price-Weighted Index

Business / Finance / Price-Weighted Index: An index giving a greater influence to higher-valued stocks by weighting all component stocks by their price. MORE

Photo File Index Print

Entertainment / Photography / Photo File Index Print: Makes ordering reprints and enlargements easy. A small print shows a positive, 'thumbnail' version of every picture on an aps roll. Each thumbnail picture is numbered on the index print to match the f MORE