Russell 2000 Index

Business / Taxes / Russell 2000 Index: The Russell 2000 Index, published by the Frank Russell Company of Tacoma, Washington, tracks the stocks of the 2,000 smallest companies in the Russell 3000 index. Companies in the Russell 2000 have an average market capitalization of $664.9 million and a median market cap of $539.5 million. The index includes many of the initial public offerings (IPOs) of recent years and is considered the benchmark index for small-cap investments.

Other Words for Index

Index Adjective Synonyms: mark, sign, clue, token, hint, pointer, indicator, indication, guide
Index Noun Synonyms: guide, directory, list, listing, table of contents, catalogue, key, thesaurus

Index Fund

Business / Finance / Index Fund: An investment/trading strategy that exploits divergences between actual and theoretical futures prices. An example is the simultaneous buying (selling) of stock index futures (i.e., S&P 500) while sel MORE

Price Index

Business / Agriculture / Price Index: Current price expressed as a proportion to the same price in an earlier time period, commonly called the base period. Monthly price indexes computed by the National Agricultural Statistics Service are MORE

Price-Weighted Index

Business / Finance / Price-Weighted Index: An index giving a greater influence to higher-valued stocks by weighting all component stocks by their price. MORE