Business / Taxes / Screen: A screen is a set of criteria against which you measure stocks or other investments to find those that meet your criteria. For example, you might screen for stocks that meet a certain environmentally or socially responsible standard, or for those with current price-to-earnings ratios (P/E) less than the current market average. A socially responsible mutual fund describes the screens it uses to select investments in its prospectus.

Other Words for Screen

Screen Noun Synonyms: shelter, protection, shield, cover
Screen Verb Synonyms: partition, (room) divider, paravent, wall

16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode

Technology / Digital Cameras / 16:9 Widescreen Photo Mode: Many digital cameras offer this mode to let you take photos that have the same shape as a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen TV. This size is ideal if you plan on showing your pictures on your high-def set, MORE

Lcd Viewscreen

Technology / Digital Cameras / Lcd Viewscreen: Color LCD view screens are pretty much the norm on today's digital cameras; they can operate in place of, or in addition to, traditional viewfinders. Most cameras' lcds measure between 1.8' and 3.5' d MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photo-Silkscreening: Method of silkscreening images, using a stencil produced photographically. MORE