Business / Taxes / Scrip: Scrip is a certificate or receipt that represents something of value but has no intrinsic value. What's essential is that the issuer and the recipient must agree on the value that the scrip represents. For example, in the past, after a corporate stock split or spin-off, a company might issue scrip representing a fractional share of stock for each share you owned. On or before a specific date, you could combine the certificates and convert the value they represented into full shares. But most companies today make a cash payment for fractional shares based on the closing price of the stock on a specific date.

Job Description

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Description: A written description of a job which includes information regarding the general nature of the work to be performed, specific responsibilities and duties, and the employee characteristics required to p MORE

Shooting Script

Technology / Television (TV) / Shooting Script: Generally speaking, a written description of a program, wherein each scene is described shot-by-shot. (Terms used to describe different types of scripts vary considerably within the television and fil MORE

Tidal Benchmark Description

Science / Tides and Currents / Tidal Benchmark Description: A published, concise description of the location, stamped number or designation, date established, and elevation (referred to a tidal datum) of a specific bench mark. MORE