Socially Responsible Fund

Business / Taxes / Socially Responsible Fund: When socially responsible mutual funds, also known as green funds or conscience funds, select securities to meet their investment goals, the securities must also satisfy the fund's commitment to certain principles spelled out in the fund's prospectus. For example, a socially responsible fund might not buy shares of a manufacturing company that operates factories that fund managers consider sweatshops. Or the fund might not buy shares of a food company that sells out-of-date products in emerging markets. Since the priorities of these funds vary, you may need to do some investigating to find one that matches your values.

Other Words for Fund

Fund Adjective Synonyms: supply, stock, reserve, store, pool, cache, reservoir, repository, mine
Fund Noun Synonyms: finance, back, capitalize, stake, support, pay for, endow, grant, subsidize

Other Words for Responsible

Responsible Adjective Synonyms: guilty, to blame, at fault, culpable
Responsible Noun Synonyms: accountable, answerable, liable, chargeable

Conscience Fund

Business / Taxes / Conscience Fund: Conscience funds, also known as socially responsible funds, allow you to invest in companies whose business practices are in keeping with your personal values. For example, you can choose mutual funds MORE

Prerefunded Bond

Business / Finance / Prerefunded Bond: Refunded bond. MORE


Business / Finance / Prerefunding: Procedure of floating a second bond at a lower interest rate in order to pay off the first bond at the first call date and to reduce overall borrowing costs. MORE