Survivorship Life

Business / Taxes / Survivorship Life: Survivorship life insurance, also known as a second-to-die policy, is permanent insurance that covers the lives of two people and pays the death benefit only after the death of the second person. Survivorship life may be appropriate for married couples with substantial wealth if estate taxes might be due after the death of the second person. The death benefit would be available to cover the amount due at the federal or state level, protecting some or all of the assets from having to be sold to cover these tax bills. However, the premiums on survivorship life policies are often higher than the cost of other types of permanent insurance.

Other Words for Life

Life Noun Synonyms: existence, living, way of life, lifestyle
Life Verb Synonyms: existence, entity, being, sentience, viability

Pot Life

Life Style / Painting / Pot Life: Amount of time after mixing a two-part paint system during which it can be applied. MORE

Partners For Wildlife

Business / Agriculture / Partners For Wildlife: A voluntary partnership program administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service to provide financial and technical assistance to private landowners who wish to protect or restore wetlands. This program MORE

Participating Life Insurance Policies

Business / Finance / Participating Life Insurance Policies: Life insurance that pays dividends to policyholders depending on the company's success as provided by few claims and profitable underwritings and investments. MORE