Technical Analysis

Business / Taxes / Technical Analysis: Technical analysts track price movements and trading volumes in various securities to identify patterns in the price behavior of particular stocks, mutual funds, commodities, or options in specific market sectors or in the overall financial markets. The goal is to predict probable, often short-term, price changes in the investments that they study, which allows them to choose an appropriate trading strategy. The speed and accuracy with which the analysts create their tracking charts has been enhanced by the development of increasingly sophisticated software.

Other Words for Analysis

Analysis Noun Synonyms: examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, enquiry or inquiry, dissection, assay, breakdown, division

Other Words for Technical

Technical Adjective Synonyms: mechanical, applied, industrial, polytechnic, technologic(al)
Technical Noun Synonyms: complex, complicated, detailed, intricate, specialized

Regression Analysis

Business / Finance / Regression Analysis: A statistical technique that can be used to estimate relationships between variables. MORE

Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis

Business / Real Estate / Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis: An estimated cash flow analysis for a rental property, prepared by an agent using accurate property information. Its purpose is to present what the cash flow numbers for the investment property will l MORE

Ratio Analysis

Business / Finance / Ratio Analysis: A way of expressing relationships between a firm's accounting numbers and their trends over time that analysts use to establish values and evaluate risks. MORE