Total Return Index

Business / Taxes / Total Return Index: A total return index is an equity market index that’s calculated using the assumption that all of the dividends that the stocks in the index pay are reinvested in the index as a whole. Since an index is not an investment, but a statistical computation, the reinvestment occurs only on paper, or, more precisely, in a software program.

Other Words for Index

Index Adjective Synonyms: mark, sign, clue, token, hint, pointer, indicator, indication, guide
Index Noun Synonyms: guide, directory, list, listing, table of contents, catalogue, key, thesaurus

Other Words for Return

Return Verb Synonyms: come or go back, revert, turn back
Return Adjective Synonyms: exchange, bring back or carry back
Return Noun Synonyms: replace, put back, restore, give back, bring or carry back

Other Words for Total

Total Verb Synonyms: sum (total), totality, aggregate, whole, amount, total number
Total Noun Synonyms: complete, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, unconditional, utter, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, perfect, outright, downright, all-out, absolute

Return To Work Provision

Health / Dentistry / Return To Work Provision: To encourage employees to return to work as soon as they become physically able, an additional incentive is usually provided for a certain period of time, and is called a return to work provision. Und MORE

Return On Total Assets

Business / Accounting / Return On Total Assets: An overall measure of the return to both stockholders and creditors: includes operating performance and asset turnover. MORE

Return Yards

Entertainment / Football / Return Yards: Are those yards gained advancing the ball during play after a change of possession such as a punt or a kickoff or a turnover such as a fumble or an interception. MORE