Trading Volume

Business / Taxes / Trading Volume: Trading volume is the quantity of stocks, bonds, futures contracts, options, or other investments that are bought sold in a specific period of time, normally a day. It’s an indication of the interest that investors have in that particular security or product at its current price.

Other Words for Volume

Volume Noun Synonyms: amount, quantity, supply, mass, bulk, abundance, sum total, aggregate

Composite Trading

Business / Taxes / Composite Trading: Composite trading figures report end-of-day price changes, closing prices, and the daily trading volume for stocks, warrants, and options listed on a stock exchange. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) MORE

Trading Account

Business / Accounting / Trading Account: An account which shows the gross profit or loss of a manufacturing or retail business, i.e. sales less the cost of sales. MORE


Business / Finance / Trading: A stock that is very difficult to trade to because of illiquidity. MORE

Total Volume

Business / Finance / Total Volume: Total sales and other revenue for the period shown. Known as 'turnover' in the U.K. MORE

Trading Authorization

Business / Finance / Trading Authorization: Buying and selling securities. MORE

Trading Costs

Business / Finance / Trading Costs: A document (power of attorney) a customer gives to a broker in order that the broker may buy and sell securities on behalf of the customer. MORE