Business / Taxes / Transferable-On-Death: A securities or brokerage account titled transferable-on-death (TOD) lets you name one or more beneficiaries, to whom the account assets are transferred when you die. TOD accounts are available only in some states, and laws may vary. Nonetheless, TOD accounts can be useful estate planning tools where they are available, since the assets in the account can pass to your beneficiaries directly, outside the probate process. A similar type of registration is available in some states for bank accounts. They’re known as payable-on-death, or POD, accounts.

Probate Estate

Business / Taxes / Probate Estate: Your probate estate includes all of the assets that will pass to your heirs through your will. It doesn’t include anything that you have sold, given away, put into trusts, or passed directly to reci MORE


Business / Taxes / Payable-On-Death: A bank account titled payable-on-death (POD) lets you name one or more beneficiaries to whom the assets are paid when you die. POD accounts can be useful estate planning tools in the states where they MORE