Business / Taxes / Universe: In the world of investments, the word universe refers to a specific group or category of investments that share certain characteristics. A universe might be the stocks that are included in a particular index, the stocks evaluated by a particular analytical service, or all of the stocks in a particular industry.

Other Words for Universe

Universe Noun Synonyms: cosmos, creation, macrocosm

Universe Estimate (UE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Universe Estimate (UE): The population chosen for a research study. The estimated number of actual households or people from which the sample will be taken and to which data will be projected. MORE

Comparison Universe

Business / Finance / Comparison Universe: Short for 'comparison ticket,' a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out. MORE

Universe Of Securities

Business / Finance / Universe Of Securities: A whole life insurance product whose investment component pays a competitive interest rate rather than the below-market crediting rate. MORE