Zero Sum

Business / Taxes / Zero Sum: A zero-sum market is one in which one investor's profit mirrors another investor's loss. For every dollar one person makes, someone else loses a dollar. Commodities and options markets are examples of zero-sum markets. Stock markets are not.

Other Words for Sum

Sum Adjective Synonyms: total, aggregate, grand total, sum total, whole, totality, amount, quantity

Other Words for Zero

Zero Noun Synonyms: nil, null, nothing, nought or naught, aught, cipher, duck, nix, goose-egg, nada, niente, (sweet) Fanny Adams or F.A., bugger-all, zilch
Zero Verb Synonyms: (rock) bottom, nadir


Business / Construction / Sump: Pit or large plastic bucket/barrel inside the home designed to collect ground water from a perimeter drain system. MORE

Sump Pump

Business / Construction / Sump Pump: A submersible pump in a sump pit that pumps any excess ground water to the outside of the home. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Summoner: Medieval law courts were divided into civil courts that tried public offenses and ecclesiastical courts that tried offenses against the church. Summoners were minor church officials whose duties inclu MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Summit: Red-skinned V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) female pollinate variety. Has synonym name Georgia 37-40. Derived from a Fry x Triumph cross. Reported as very productive with high (20%) fruit sugar content MORE

Summer Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Summer Time: British name for daylight saving time. MORE

Sumptuary Laws

Entertainment / Literature / Sumptuary Laws: Laws that regulate the sort of clothing an individual may wear. Classical Rome restricted certain types of garb to the senatorial classes and equestrian classes, for instance. In Classical China, only MORE