Outside Shooting

Entertainment / Basketball / Outside Shooting: Shots taken from the perimeter.

Other Words for Outside

Outside Noun Synonyms: aspect, appearance, look, demeanor, face, front, facade, mien, mask, disguise, false front, pretence
Outside Adverb Synonyms: exterior, face, facing, shell, skin, case, casing, surface, front, facade
Outside Adjective Synonyms: private, home, cottage, secondary, peripheral, independent, freelance


Entertainment / Football / Shooting: The action of a linebacker or defensive back to blitz MORE

Preset Focus Shooting

Entertainment / Photography / Preset Focus Shooting: Technique in which focus is set at a predetermined setting and the shutter is released when the subject moves into the focus point. MORE

Panorama Shooting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Panorama Shooting: Photographing several overlapping images in succession that can be joined in the computer using software. MORE


Business / Finance / Overshooting: The tendency of a pool of MBS to reflect an especially high rate of prepayments the first time it crosses the threshold for refinancing, especially if two or more years have passed since the date of i MORE

Shooting Angle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Shooting Angle: The angle determined by the position of the shooting player in relation to the goal at the moment he shoots the puck. MORE

Shooting Guard

Entertainment / Basketball / Shooting Guard: Generally, the player who takes the majority of the shots from the perimeter, many of which are three-point attempts. MORE