Tripped 4

Entertainment / Bowling / Tripped 4: Said of the 4-pin when it's knocked down by the 2-pin on a bounce off the kickback.

Rule 405

Business / Finance / Rule 405: NYSE codification of 'know your customer' rules, which require that a customer's situation is suitable for any investment being made. MORE

Rule 415

Business / Finance / Rule 415: Permits corporations to file a registration for securities they intend to issue in the future when market conditions are favorable. See: Shelf registration. MORE

Rule 144a

Business / Finance / Rule 144a: SEC rule allowing qualified institutional buyers to buy and trade unregistered securities. MORE

Rule 144

Business / Finance / Rule 144: Restricts solicitation of buyers to complete the sell order of an insider (unless the firm is already a buyer); signified by a flashing 'E' on Quotron. MORE

Rule 14-D

Business / Finance / Rule 14-D: Often used in risk arbitrage. Regulations and restrictions covering public tender offers and related disclosure requirements. MORE

S4, S6

Science / Tides and Currents / S4, S6: Shallow water over tides of the principal solar constituent. Speed of S4 = 2S2 = 4T = 60.000,000,0° per solar hour. Speed of S6 = 3S2 = 6T = 90.000,000,0° per solar hour. MORE