Cut Blocking

Entertainment / Football / Cut Blocking: A blocking technique in which offensive linemen, and sometimes other blockers, block legally below the waist (i.e., from the front of the defensive player) in an attempt to bring the defenders to ground, making them unable to pursue a running back for the short time needed for the back to find a gap in the defense. The technique is somewhat controversial, as it carries a risk of serious leg injuries to the blocked defenders.

Other Words for Cut

Cut Verb Synonyms: gash, slash, incision, nick, wound
Cut Adjective Synonyms: abridged, abbreviated, cut-down, shortened, edited, curtailed
Cut Noun Synonyms: share, portion, percentage, piece, dividend, commission

Fade Cut

Entertainment / Basketball / Fade Cut: A cut used by an offensive player coming off a screen when the defender is is a sagging position. MORE

Fish-Hook Cut

Entertainment / Basketball / Fish-Hook Cut: A change-of-direction cut that takes the shape of a fish hook and is used as a pressure release. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Executrix: A female person appointed by a testator to carry out the directions and requests in his or her last will and testament, and to dispose of his or her property according to the provisions of the will. S MORE